jueves, 11 de mayo de 2006

LOG #2 - Nokia 770 remote virtual keyboard / teclado virtual remoto

This text explains how to use a virtual keyboard to solve the problem of no working keyboard with applications running on remote X sessions with the Nokia 770. This way we can use Linux network transparency without losing any feature.

Este texto explica cómo usar un teclado virtual para solucionar el problema de que el teclado de la Nokia 770 no anda en aplicaciones que corren por medio de SSH con XForward. De esta manera podremos utilizar la transparencia en redes de Linux sin perder ninguna funcionalidad.


- OpenSSH installed on your Nokia 770
- XForward enabled in SSH config files
- A machine with the app you need to use and xvkbd virtual keyboard installed.
- Modifications for task switching (8 may 2006)

- OpenSSH instalado en tu Nokia 770
- XForward activado en la configuración del SSH
- Una máquina con la aplicación que necesites y el
xvkbd teclado virtual
- Modificaciones para cambio de tareas (8 may 2006)



- Login to the remote computer from your Nokia 770 (ssh -X user@ip)
- Run xvkbd
- Run another app, for example gedit
- Use the modifications for task switching to switch from the app to the remote virtual keyboard and you're done.

- Conectar a la computadora remota desde tu Nokia 770 (ssh -X usuario@ip)
- Ejecutar xvkbd
- Ejecutar otra aplicación, por ejemplo gedit
- Usar las modificaciones para el cambio de tareas para pasar de la aplicación al teclado virtual remoto y listo.

(thanks kuking for the idea! / gracias kuking por la idea!)

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vikramchawa dijo...

Hello, I was wondering how you start a new app once xvkbd is started I cant seem to figure out how

ajf dijo...


First you'll need to follow the instructions for task switching (the hildon UI only switch between hildonized apps). Follow the instructions on this page (look for "How to enable task switching"). Keep in mind that this modification will allow task switching for all the apps only if you have the default theme applied (I'm sure you'll know how to do it for the other themes).
Once you made the modifications you can change the apps by tapping in the section between the title of the app and the tray icons. Check this picture.
This modification is great also for fast switching.

vikramchawa dijo...

I have the fast switching working (thank you very much), but I still dont seem to understand how to start subseqent apps after the xvkbd. When I switch back to the xterm there is no prompt to enter a new command. It is still running the xvkbd. So if i were to type in gedit then press enter, nothing would happen. Please excuse my ignorance as this appears to be
somthing the is commonly known.

thank you

ajf dijo...

You have to send the program to the background so you can use the prompt again. You do that by sending the CONTROL+Z (menu -> terminal -> send ctrl key) secuence. After you do that, you'll see the prompt again, but the app will be frozen, so you need to send it to the background, type the command "bg" and it will send de app to the background.
I hope this can help.

Anónimo dijo...

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